Chow Down: SHIB x WELLY’s

Shytoshi Kusama
5 min readFeb 2, 2022

“Make forays in fertile country in order to supply your army with food.” — Sun Tzu, Art of War

This year, ShibArmy is on the march, and all armies must have proper sustenance. That’s why I’m elated to announce our deep rooted partnershib with Welly’s a new hyper-quality agile blockchain-based fast food chain! Best of all, you can try this food RIGHT NOW in Naples, Italy. (Via Sannazaro, 4, 80122 Napoli, IT)


This partnerShib solidifies Shib’s first step into IRL (in-real-life) projects. Before I get into why this is such a huge and momentous occasion, let me first dispel some FUD we’ve seen from those who used the clues I left to figure out this, the first of many, partnershibs we have planned for 2022. Fud is as follows:

Welly’s? Why didn’t you go with a large chain?

As I said in discord, we don’t really want to partner with the huge centralized conglomerates that are con-agriculture and known for selling “food” that is harmful, subpar and possibly poisonous. Instead, we scoured the world for a new, and powerful team of restaurateurs that were willing to completely rebrand their organization to fit Shib’s ethos and technology stack. (More on this soon.)

Another reason is the agility of the brand. Welly’s is a “burger joint” but we understand the importance of having vegetarian, vegan, and “healthy” fast food options. Upon the opening of our flagship store, we will introduce more options to cater to these needs.


Moreover on agility, within 1 week, upon the partnershib being put into place, Welly’s was able to complete a full-rebrand of their store, including mascot, creating new eco-friendly packaging, and taking suggestions from yours truly about marketing, menu and strategy.

For instance, because we love our India market so much, we shifted some of our visual communications from being beef centric, to chicken centric (cluck in video!) to compensate for the religious practices of one of our largest market. Shib is now part of a brand that listens, cares, and is agile enough to truly cater to the Shib holders.

I haven’t heard of them?!

But locally, they’re known for extremely high quality food at a good price point. Their business model and our ethos meld perfectly and with the power of Shib, and already proven high quality food and excellent backend practices, Welly’s is the perfect fit to scale globally. Already the team is in discussions to release multiple stores in 2022 and 2023 so that we can scale to compete with aforementioned chains. This is the key to win in this market, we blitz with a quality product, great service and new technologies so that the media cannot ignore our offering. Finally, since we’re working with expert, and well connected global entrepreneurs, we can assure a long term play in this industry.

But how does Shib benefit?!

Glad you asked, let’s talk about why a Shib powered (and branded) fast food chain is important, necessary and now a reality.

SHIB. Leash. Bone. Shibarium. Shiboshis. WELLY’s.

Each of the elements that make up our Ecosystem have a unique value proposition to a business that is looking to revamp current practices and make a lasting impact on their industry. In essence, Shib is a method of payment in store (and maybe Doge too ELON! HA!) but Shib is also burnt through Shibarium transactions (and other burns to be revealed), and then there’s the constant use of Bone with Shibarium. Let’s not forget that LEASH & Shiboshi holders will get exclusive access to perks, discounts and rewards. Finally, for a project like Welly’s, Shibarium is the perfect way to track the food you put into your body, so your peace of mind and well being can be found with every bite.

This is the true power of Shib when implemented holistically, globally and silently.

Moreover, specifically within the Welly’s business model, the Shib community can take part in the deployment of new stores through making choices in the Doggy Dao, purchasing NFTs for exclusive benefits, or just enjoying good food and sharing our vision with those who still think we are just a meme.

To me, this partnershib was therefore a no-brainer.

What’s Next?

So what’s next? The Welly’s team will continue to work on perfecting their first offering, Shib integration and strategies, flagship location recon, deep dives into the best way to structure the NFT’s they have on the horizon while working out strategic methods to scale (location, price, menu etc). We have some surprises for SHIB ARMY in store and this is just the beginning for Shib and food.

Pass the Ketchup!


Sure did! And at least one more is coming this month. I consider this deal an appetizer to our upcoming announcements as we tackle a few more IRL industries and change the world forever.

I also implore that you take a moment to check out Welly’s medium to learn more about the team:

Finally, how about some amazing food pics. And remember, don’t eat like a clown, EAT WELL! Eat Welly’s!