It’s Dog Day…

So Let’s Get Ready For Battle

Today, on National Dog Day, we are excited to announce an official internal restructuring that will help us streamline, organize, and optimize our decentralized operations. This was a challenge, but keeps in line with Ryoshi’s vision of a decentralized sovereign entity that has no leader, but the structure to outlast most cryptos on the block. The structure is internal, but in the interest of transparency, we will explain the big picture and how YOU in the Shib Army can get involved soon, because we need ALL hands on deck.

Our admin and mods will pick one of four BREEDS. These BREEDS (think of them as departments) are as follows:

  • Currencies
  • Technologies
  • Growth
  • Defense

Each BREED is headed by a Top Dog, and an Alpha. The Alpha is responsible for making sure each BREED is on track with internally set OKR’s and reports weekly KPI’s to the Top Dog of their BREED. Each BREED is then broken down further into PACKS headed by “The Leader of The Pack”( LOTP). The LOTP ensures the pack collectively works towards granular goals that further our collective vision of being a decentralized totality.

I personally believe this structure allows us to better serve YOU and furthers our commitment to the #ShibArmy. Next week, as we implement and shift resources to the right areas, set OKR’s & KPI’s, we will continue our conquest of the crypto space. This will start with intake of our Incubator participants, and a further explanation of the hierarchy so that we can begin to introduce new players to our BREEDS.

THANK YOU for the time to do this necessary reorganization and alignment of our most valued members.



With both Kaal and my parents falling ill we both were forced to fall back to nurse them to health. Without that time we most likely would have lost our Fathers. Now that our energy and efforts have gotten them both out of the ICU, we wanted to say thank you for your understanding.

But what about the delay? Our deepest apologies. To make sure there isn’t another delay in the rewards process for ShibaSwap, Kaal has begun the implementation of a new automated system for rewards that will allow other members of the Technology BREED or any TOP DOG to run rewards in the case of an emergency.


Our 10,000 Shib NFTs are almost ready for consumption! The name has been chosen, and I’ll reward the winner at the release of the unique set. We even have a few extra rare and special NFTs from some unique moments in our journey this past year. I can’t wait!


With the purchase of Gareth’s $250,000 NFT, we have an amazing laser sculpture that will be placed in a physical location. But where? Gareth and I have been discussing possible options as we look for the perfect location. Museum in Beverly Hills or Top Tier nightclub in Amsterdam? We are trying to decide and will come to the community once we have the perfect location and agreement. Did YOU have a location in mind? Let us know! Send us an email to to help us find a home for this monumental masterpiece.

I salute each and every one of you and wish you the best as you venture into an exciting weekend AND REMEMBER…

Thanks @shibrother for this amazing GIF!




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