Shib crushed almost every analyst’s prediction being up millions of percent in this year alone. But we’re just getting started, and have a long road of success paved by the great mind of Ryoshi and the drive of the ShibArmy.

Now, as we push beyond the expectations of the public, we continue to look for ways to optimize our Trifecta tokens of $SHIB, $LEASH and $BONE and our products of #ShibaSwap and #Shiboshis.

One thing we’ve heard is the issue of Woofing rewards being too expensive. We’ve taken this into consideration, and have decided to change the ShibaSwap woofing system to help. Let’s go into details.


Bi-Weekly, the transaction fees from each transaction on ShibaSwap for Woofable pairs, are pooled and distributed to those who have staked (buried), or provided liquidity (digged) on ShibaSwap. These are given in a variety of tokens including WBTC, ETH and others and causing the Shibian to spend ETH in gas to woof their reward.

To nullify this issue, we’ve decided to unify all the stablecoins rewards (WBTC, USDT, USDC, DAI and ETH) into BONE for distribution. The returns process will be the same and there is no change on contracts but we will convert, internally, all that returns into BONE, and distribute normally.
With this movement we aim to fix two problems:

1. The Shibian won’t need to claim 2–3–4 rewards buttons, with low amounts, that probably are not worth the gas. It will be centralized in just one claim button.

2. We’ll convert all the Stablecoin returns into BONE, which will help the growth of the token and its value overtime, as we will do it buying, large amounts, internally on the swap. Furthermore, it might help its growth over time as we keep locking a part of the rewards.

We’ve considered that this is a good movement to balance the gas situation and trying to empathize with the community and their claims about rewards.

This has been approved by all multi-sig signers and as such, will go into effect during our next return period this weekend.


One goal I had for ShibaSwap was listing 1,000 Woofable tokens by the end of the year. Well, what I didn’t expect is that many of the tokens that would approach us have many red flags and the potential to be rug pulls in some cases. The Crypto world is FULL of scammers, and it’s hard for our Defensive Breed and Currency Breed to be 100% ANY token is perfect. This creates a conundrum. Moreover, we’ve found that this method for burning is ineffective as it slows the number of listings we get, and we need as many as possible to make ShibaSwap a success. We’ve implemented other burns (with many more on the way) so we’ve decided to make the $25k Shib burn and $25k Leash burn OPTIONAL but still highly recommended.

Moreover, we will continue to do a SNIFF CHECK on all tokens that enter our Woofable request, but will no longer turn down any applicant. Instead, our findings will be presented, so you can DYOR, make informed decisions and at the same time learn about the tokens that are part of the ShibaSwap Woofable pairs. Ultimately, each token will be given a ShibaSniff Score between 0 and 100, with 0 being a bulletproof token. (0 = Smells good. 100= Smells Suspect!) Very few tokens will get a 0 ShibaSniff Score unless presented by a major company similar to our current Woofable token VXV and their company VectorSpace AI. Please remember though, a perfect 0 ShibaSniff Score (or any score for that matter) is NOT Financial Advice, and instead another tool to help you make smart decisions.

In this way ShibaSwap is not only a secure trading Defi location, but a source for information and a gateway to further research about tokens that exist on our platform. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Our partnershib with ChangeNow and NOWPayments is a great example of a large implemented burn. 3% of the profit NOWPayments gets from all SHIB transactions will be burnt. The burn will occur at the end of November.

LEASH is to be onboarded by the end of October.

With NOWPayments underway to add LEASH, and with SHIB already available, people all over the world can start using the tokens to:

  1. Accept SHIB and LEASH (once available) as payment via API, invoices and e-commerce plugins, such as WooCommerce and more.
  2. Accept SHIB and LEASH (once available) as donations via buttons, widgets and branded donation links.
  3. Conduct payouts with SHIB and LEASH (once available) to issue salaries in crypto, using the mass payments feature.

And all these things while there being a hefty burn! We can’t wait to see what businesses come up with to utilize such an amazing new feature for SHIB!


There’s never been a better time to swap DOGE for SHIB! To celebrate the integration of $LEASH into ChangeNOW, they’re launching the FLIP DOGE FOR SHIB challenge in support of the #ShibArmy! Exchange your #DOGE to #SHIB on ChangeNOW and 3% of challenge profits will be BURNT TO THE BURN WALLET for the shiblosophy!

Another great way to burn tokens, while getting closer to being the DogeCoinKiller. WOOF!


Shytoshi Kusama

Thank you to everyone that braved the incredible gas fees to get a Shiboshi. This showed, without equivocation, the need for our own Blockchain platform Shibarium. I get asked for updates constantly, and I am happy to inform the community that the development of Shibarium is going well. We are a few months away from the first tests and audit of the system but the foundation is laid and Kaal Dhairya is now able to focus on this project while the rest of the developers work with our AAA studio to get the Shiboshi game into development, updates to ShibaSwap, and our biggest, top-secret project already underway. #maniacallaugh

That being said, I couldn’t be more excited to get our Shiboshi game started. If you don’t have a Shiboshi, don’t worry there will be other ways, to get game pieces in the near future.

For those buying and trading Shiboshis stay tuned as well. We are now verified on OpenSea and Rarible and are working on new exciting intiatives with both platforms. Furthermore, once we’ve confirmed all game mechanics with our AAA Studio, we’ll release how the properties of your Shiboshi interact with their base level to make your Shiboshi uniquely powerful in the game. You can expect another Shiboshi specific update by next week or earlier.


For those of you only interested in ShibaSwap and Shib, who tell me to shut up and get back to work, the medium is over. Thanks for reading.

For those who wonder how I am doing, keep reading. I get thousands of messages from people all over the world (many I can never get to read as they get archived immediately by the various platforms I exist on). So it I wanted to take a moment to thank you and give a personal update.

BIG THANKS to the Discord community that sent a million salutes to my parent when they joined me this weekend. If you’ve never had a heart to heart talk with your parents so they can clear their air about your past, and family history please do. I learned a lot and also can now move forward with a better understanding of who I am. Likewise, I think they now fully understand who Shytoshi is, and the importance of the ShibArmy. We laughed and cried because decentralization is KEY to making the world a much better place and all of us are on the front line. Thank you.

Moreover, many messages I receive are questions about my health. Someone said, “Your health is our wealth.” File under things you never think about.

Since, I’ve been focusing on my mental and physical health to make sure that I’m here to fight with the army far into the future. The plans being made are multi-year and I understand how important it is to lay the foundation properly so that the community can use the DAO to show the world what ShibArmy can do. That being said, don’t worry, I’m on it guys (and gals) and will be here long term with you.

In other words… LFG!

Until next time, be proud, you’ve done the impossible and baffled “experts” that can’t seem to figure out why that “Shib token won’t die”. Same things that they said about Bitcoin.





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