Shiba Eternity Lore, Player’s Guide & NFTs

Shytoshi Kusama
3 min readNov 3, 2022

First apologies for the one day delay. Last night I passed out from exhaustion. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Let’s talk about the best card game in the world!


Shiba Eternity has been downloaded over 250,000 times and we have players from all over the world. A huge accomplishment for what many believe is just a meme. Playside, the Shib Team, our testers, and Mr. Volk have worked hard to find and squash over 100 bugs that are addressed in this month’s update. Furthermore, the team has been working on how and where to hold our first in person tournament! Stay tuned for updates.

Download from Google Here:

and from the Apple App store Here:


Today we release our official player’s guide and lore. This document is a living document and I will update as we find errors or update cards. Now, instead of just putting out a simple guide, I created a complete lore that explains the journey of a Shib Recruit in the far future as he is whisked to the edge of the known universe. Due to the size of the document (1150 pages) we’ve been forced to break it into 4 separate documents. Moreover, the entire lore is being updated on our Shiba Eternity fandom ( This will allow anyone to search the document to quickly find answers as they play the game. For now however, you can see the entire lore on the Shiba Eternity Game website (still under construction).


Moreover, as it became evident we wanted to release something different, I began experimenting with a new methodology to create images that describe this journey. The result is dozens of unique images that breathe life into the narrative. The photos were composed using cutting edge AI technology and to stop scammers, I’ve composed them into an NFT drop. The prices of each piece of art varies from .001E ($1) up to 1000E. You can see them all on opensea at this link

WHY AI you ask? AI has a place in the Shiba Ecosystem and it is vital that I am aware of its current ability and limitations. I won’t say much more on that right now.


Moving forward, I’ll make sure to keep the community updated on our progress. I will now shift my focus to advertising the game, the blockchain version and Shibarium with Kaal as we are quickly approaching the Beta launch. Let’s continue that discussion on our next medium. Enjoy and apologies once again!