Welcome to Phase 2 of Shiba Inu


ShibaSwap Returns


To make Shiba Inu Ecosystem grow and meet it’s full potential, we are implementing the Phase 2 plan laid out by Ryoshi. If I can recap Ryoshi’s vision in a few words it’s a Decentralized Financial Totality. His Ecosystem vision consists of the 5 interlocking components previously mentioned HERE.

  1. ShibaSwap: LAUNCHED (Note above updates.)
  2. Shibarium AKA L2: Shibarium is Shiba’s Own Blockchain. Our team has begun working with our friends at Xfund to complete this project. There is a large team assigned to completing this in a timely fashion. It is no easy task to create a working blockchain, but we believe we will complete this task this year as it fits in with the other interlocking components of the ecosystem. Again, this will be fully decentralized and the blockchain will be as everything we do, community driven. It should also be noted that Ryoshi saw BONE as the native token to Shibarium (just like BRB or Matic for their respective blockchains). This of course gives additional utility to BONE once this portion of the ecosystem goes live.
  3. Shi- The global exchange of value: Shi pegs to $.01 and allows for “plebs” to have a fully decentralized token that can be used for exchanging goods without a concern of the change in value day to day, or even minute to minute. This is especially important when dealing with businesses that have invoices that get paid 30 days out, or when dealing with transactions aren’t instantly settleable (credit cards). We are working on finding the perfect methodology to implement this token. Ryoshi says this: “The end goal is that SHI (operating both on ETH and the Shibarium) becomes a global stable currency that plebs across all countries are able to use as both a store of value and method of payment.” In Ryoshi’s vision, “LEASH governs Shi specifically.” We are investigating how exact this portion of his vision while granting more power and utility to one of my favorite tokens, LEASH.
  4. Shibarium financial ecosystem- I would count this as Phase 3 as it requires a completed Shibarium. For now we will skip this.
  5. ShibaCon- I’ve heard murmurs about this and I personally think it should coincide with DevCon. Once it is organized send me an invite, I’ll be there incognito.


A financial institution is only good as the consumers and businesses that utilize their financial instruments. Countries have GDP, and since SHIB is a decentralized force, a methodology to collect, trade, buy and sell in a fully decentralized manner is needed. For this, we’ve updated the concept our of our Artist Incubator to be the Shiba Inu Incubator.



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