Shytoshi Kusama
4 min readSep 24, 2021

Good day ShibArmy! Before we get started, a quick shout out to all of the exchanges that have worked to list $SHIB including our friends over at Coinbase.

Now, let’s get right to it.


Watching the President of El Salvador make powerful moves for his country in the face of certain ridicule and against age old structures helped me realize a few key pointers. First, the Shib Army isn’t only a decentralized force, we are furthermore a sovereign entity. This sovereign status gives us the ability to proceed (or not) as we wish with entities (and corporations) that we find fair, trustworthy, and aligned with our decentralized interests. The others are outside the scope of our existence.

Secondly, with the successful implementation of Breeds, our internal structure is now perpetual as it is the reflection of Ryoshi’s original plan for Shiba: A decentralized unit without a leader. Anyone who’s seen Fifth Element knows the importance of an army without a leader and that’s in a comedy. In this battlefield, a leaderless sovereign entity is a train barreling towards the goal of financial freedom for the world. These are important pointers for those of you who reach out to me endlessly with questions or comments. I am not in power; I am a volunteer like all of you completing the plans of our founder in hopes of growing the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. But what exactly is the Shiba Inu Ecosystem? Let’s get more granular.


Upon hours of reflection, I’ve been tasked with one job I hope this series of mediums will complete: clearly define The Shiba Inu Ecosystem and the strategy to make it grow. Now before you say BURN my answer is YES but hear me out.


Shiba consists of THREE native tokens. Each one has a special role in our decentralized sovereign totality.

$SHIB: This is our core token. With almost 400 Trillion tokens (down from 1 Quadrillion) in circulation, this token will always be our core token. It represents who we are, what we stand for and it is our focus. It has been used in the largest crypto charity event in history, and hundreds of places now accept SHIB as a currency. Further adoption is the key to growing Shib long term.

$LEASH: This is our second more exclusive token. While Shib has over 600,000 holders, Leash has under 30,000. Exclusivity comes to mind with this token as it is held by the most “hard core” Shibians who have been with the ShibArmy the longest. Leash will be used to offer exclusive early access to Shib items. More details on this in the upcoming announcements. (Sorry about the announcement of an announcement. *winks at Justin Sun*)

$BONE: Bone is the governance token of the ShibArmy. Using the Doggy DAO, Bone holders will have the ability to make decisions about how funds are spent, and new tokens introduced into ShibaSwap.

These three tokens work in tandem and are a powerful set to be utilized by the community. Remember, Ryoshi himself said “Every Shib needs a Leash.”


Today, YOU can spend $SHIB in a variety of locations worldwide. The spending of $SHIB by businesses that support the original vision of Ryoshi is a grand example of Utility via Usage. This usage of $SHIB keeps it as a powerful and useful currency worldwide. You can currently use to pay for things on Amazon with $SHIB, but with our new NOW payments partnership, you can integrate and accept $SHIB at ANY Shopify, WooCommerce and a host of other digital locations with a short install of a widget! Go ahead and read that again… This means you can accept $SHIB in physical locations, SHIB payroll and much much more! You can learn more HERE.

This is a huge step forward in adoption of $SHIB worldwide, and complements our other products.


To ensure the growth of the Shib TriFecta we have already announced a few products that comprise the Shib Ecosystem: ShibaSwap, Shibarium, Shi and ShibaNet. What makes these products great is that they complement the Shib Token Trifecta.

PLATFORMS: ShibaSwap, Shibarium & ShibaNet

Each platform released by the Dev Team (and eventually by the greater community) furthers the reach, utility and usefulness of $SHIB, $LEASH and $BONE. For instance, ShibaSwap generates bi-weekly returns for the users, and also mints BONE which is used in governance. In the case of Shibarium, the lower transaction fees of our own blockchain, will ensure other products and services have a simple, cheap and easy platform to build on. In the case of ShibaNet the platform IS the place Shibians will be able to create products and services for the greater good.


That being said, I am proud to announce the name for our 10,000 NFTs: Shiboshis!

Shiboshis are 10,000 cute, randomly generated NFTs only available via ShibaSwap. As I mentioned above, each product we release somehow integrates into the Shib Token Trifecta and in this case, Shiboshis will only be available for LEASH holders during the first 24 hours.

Moreover, as the NFTs are purchased, each buyer has the ability to change the name of the NFT by burning Shib. Through this burning process, we see one of many burn mechanisms that are in the near future for $SHIB.

Finally, at release, the Shiboshi roadmap will explain how we plan to expand on Shiboshis and use these unique NFTs to grow the Shib Token Trifecta. Hint: Gaming.

We expect Shiboshis to be ready within the next two weeks, and will release exact release date, time and process in our next Medium update. Until then, WOOF WOOF!