Shibshire Blastaway


The incredible Ryoshi is an ethereal mentor and founder by which all the moves we’ve made thus far revolve. Before I step into what CK1 is and my personal plan for Shib, (remember I am just a community member), let’s recap Ryoshi’s vision based on his Medium article found HERE and give some updates!

  1. ShibaSwap : Completed! & will continue to evolve!
  2. Shibarium : Our L2 Blockchain for Ethereum (utilizing $BONE ) is the back…bone of all the Shib projects that are in development and will offer a scaling and low-cost solution for a myriad of projects outside the realm of this article. Thanks to XFUND for working so hard with us on this project. Note: We are planning a Shibarium Hackathon that will help educate the community on Shibarium AND will reward teams with funds to build on Shibarium. Timeframe: Weeks to Months.
  3. SHI: I’m happy that this project is also nearing completion. With it, Shib holders will have an incredible stable coin solution. Timeline: TBD Finishing development and going into testing soon.
  4. Shibarium Financial Ecosystem (SHIBFE): This is paired with Shi Development.

Shytoshi’s Revelation

So, as you can see, during the year since the above Ryoshi article, the Technology Breed has been hard at work on SHIBFE, which (nearly) completes Ryoshi’s Vision. This brought up a conundrum for me last year; What exactly should Shytoshi do during this past year of development as one who carries the banner of Shib high in the air for the world to see? Easy! Get ready by building things for Shibarium that benefit SHIB, test new business models, and ensure the structure is properly in place to scale in a decentralized manner! In this way, we prepare for a large influx of community-led projects and focus on various projects to facilitate Shib’s reach into new realms while generating various streams of revenue far into the future. In my opinion, and I’m sure FUDDERS won’t agree, this is a great plan to help Shib grow. Yes, it’s all for Shib!

Shibshire Blastaway

This concept of a multi-industry, decentralized conglomerate that uses the SHIBFE is loosely based on Berkshire Hathaway, who has their business built on the backs of a variety of industries; including everything from condiments to insurance. In my humble opinion, Shibshire Blastaway, (our version of the same concept), is the decentralized outcome of ShibFE and a completed Shibarium. This is why I’m so excited to see the outcome of the Shibarium Hackathon!

Welly: Shib Food

A great FIRST example of experimenting with a new business model in a familiar industry is the Welly food chain. While the chain will use Shibarium to track food, it also has a business model that BURNS 2%, rewards Welly NFT holders 10%, then puts 15% of the remaining net profit into a Shib Welly wallet for community use, (decided by Bone holders on the Doggy Dao). (Please see their website for details!) At scale, this could revolutionize the food industry, and also provide an “exitable” company. (Let me note here the winner of the Welly Trip Giveaway! @ccarloz for his Spicy Shib Burger! Congrats! Enjoy Italy!)


Another interesting thing happened as we grew the Shib Collectible Card Game (SHIB CCG) with Playside Studios and William Volk. We’ve been forced to generate a Shib “narrative” that gives depth to the Shib CCG story, making it more than just memes, battle cards, and awesome art. To do so, I’ve created a story that spans not only this galaxy, but the next, while giving a continuing plot for the game and MV (without imposing any limits). This narrative also contains many other partnershibs including Shib CCG, Shiboshis, Shiba Fashion (John Richmond x Shib), Shib Food (Welly), (Metaverse), and utilizes the Shib Financial Ecosystem. (This is why only I could complete the narrative, as within it is a unique strategy giving Shib and any future partners a competitive advantage.) For sure, nothing like this has ever even been attempted. Best of all, this complex system is just ONE example of what can be done with the power of Shib, Shibarium, and the Shib Financial Ecosystem. You’re up next.

Contract Haven

Armed with the financial powerhouse of the Shib Financial Ecosystem (SHIB, LEASH, BONE, Shiboshis, ShibaSwap, Shibarium, Shi and more), Shib Metaverse (, Welly, John Richmond x Shib, Shib CCG, the “narrative” high-level concept (and other assets), 100 exchanges where you can purchase Shib, lots of other partnershibs, and our incredible popularity, naturally we’ve begun conversations with MAJOR Billion Dollar brands as well as powerful, connected, and intelligent executives for involvement in a myriad of ways. That being said, we’re now at a place where it is MISSION CRITICAL to find a lawyer that specializes in contract law. In this way, we can ensure another layer of protection and ensure any partnershibs directly benefit Shib and all entities involved.



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