The Semicolon Tattoo

As a shy person it’s not every day that I give details on my life, but if you have a moment, I’d like to share why I’ve considered for years to get a “;” tattoo.

I’ve had one of the most extraordinary lives, and that was before I was Shytoshi. (I think most of my friends would agree.) Being “different” and “gifted” only made things worse growing up in a world that made sense, during times that I’d learn later were orchestrated to be … difficult. Many nights I wondered why I even exist, and once (or twice), decades ago, I attempted to leave this earthly sphere as the hurt and pain was to much to bear.

Except I didn’t go. Tried. Didn’t work.

I couldn’t fathom why it was “divine providence” I was still here. I was broken, burnt out, and confused. One day I’ll let you know exactly what it took me personally to overcome my pain, but for now I’ll say it succinctly: FAITH OVER FUD.

Now, years later, I stand before you whole, focused, and wise enough to tell you that if . And leaving is not it.

In fact, despite the fact that I’ve been loved, screamed at, ridiculed, back stabbed, scammed, and fudded by friends and foes, I still consider everyone I’ve met family (#VinDieselVoice). Part of a bigger crypto family trying to do what’s best for ourselves, our loved ones, and the communities we love so dearly. This, this is what binds us. Moreover, I think most of us in crypto can agree on one thing, it’s not worth taking your life. (Though I know it may seem easy to say it and hard to believe it.) Importantly, let me say explicitly, I claim to know to do, but I do know talking to someone, anyone, is a good start.

And that’s why I’m here today.

Not only to share my own story, but to ask as part of the #ShibArmy, and even those outside of Shib (but in Crypto), to spend time speaking with family; CRYPTO FAMILY. We are facing the most EXTREME FUD we’ve seen in a few years (but not the first time we’ve seen dips) so it’s that we must stick together, dig into the belief in a fair, decentralized world, and think long term as the whale games play out before our eyes.

Final thing I want to say. Though the market is down for everyone, a simple news check should remind you that isn’t going to slow. In fact, the adoption of crypto by multiple countries, industries, and elites, should let us know that Digital Currencies are the future. Think about it, entire countries are to make decisions at level without complete conviction of this fact. Therefore, as we all have seen in crypto multiple times, is possible. The difficult part is that no one knows who will control the multiple trillion dollar market ,when it will recover, and what it’ll take to stay on top. (Though I am obviously biased and bullish towards all things SHIB as seen in my previous posts.)

Anyways, thanks for listening, and stay strong.





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