TO RYOSHI: A Special Shib Memorial Day

“One mark of a great soldier is that he fights on his own terms or fights not at all.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Today, 1 year after Ryoshi’s last medium, and fittingly enough Memorial Day, Ryoshi deleted all his posts and articles. Amongst the other issues in crypto (and the entire world really), I can imagine the FUD the ShibArmy must be facing and it is for this reason I’m writing this article. Let’s get right into it.

Ryoshi was, and is, one of the most successful anonymous founders of any project, ever. Though I don’t know his identity, his legacy lives on in the Shib token, Shib Ecosystem and all the projects we foresee to decentralize the world. The ethos of Ryoshi to remain anonymous and have no input on the direction of Shib, makes our mythos even more mystic and impressive. We’ve built from nothing, never paid an exchange for a listing, and revolutionized “meme” tokens by growing exponentially.

While Shiba Inu as a community, brand, token, ideal, and ecosystem is powerful, the macroeconomic environment seems tough, and confusion/chaos is at an all time high. Ultimately, this can make anyone wonder (even me), why leave (fully) now?

I meditated on this, and saw the answer clearly. In most any story where a group must face insurmountable odds, the master disappears and leaves it in the hands of “the apprentice”. This is the “you’ve learned all I can show you…” moment in modern and ancient stories alike, as the hero (or protagonist) turns from a wanderer, to a warrior. (Late Act 2 in the Three Act Structure.) With this in mind, it is befitting that as we grow nearer to a completed Ryoshi’s Vision and realizing global decentralization, he would leave it up to us, The Shib Army.

Let’s quickly recap the vision (as I’ve done multiple times) so that all can understand:

Shib, Leash, Bone, Treat, ShibaSwap, Shi, Shibarium, . Note also the concept of LOCAL Shib areas (meetups) such as we see in ShibaZone, and eventually Shibacon. To me, these latter two aspects are part of our growth and all of our other projects support or utilize one or more of the above.

As we grow these components and set up platforms for the greater ShibArmy, we actualize Ryoshi’s vision and plan for this grand experiment.

FUD will be just that. But Shib is Shib and we remain to grow far into the future following the path laid by our magnificent founder.

I salute and thank you Ryoshi!



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