Woof! A Shiboshi Update!

Shytoshi Kusama
4 min readOct 24, 2021

But first a quick reminder from our founder Ryoshi:

“…the reality is still to this day I own 0 SHIB. Why? Well if I did, then I can’t be who I am and for now I know that I have a role to play. ”-RYOSHI (READ IN FULL HERE)

This quote from Ryoshi reminds me that you don’t have to hold Shib to be part of our movement. Besides, Shib continues to crush expectations and defy investors who scratch their heads at our meteoric rise. ( CAN YOU SAY ALL TIME HIGH?!)

Chances are you’ve read our Woofpaper (www.shibatoken.com) and have seen our updates on Shibarium, ShibaSwap Returns, and our upcoming Shiboshi game. If so, today’s tweet is just another day in the Dog Park. What many who have joined the ShibArmy now understand (that others won’t until we are well beyond) is that we aren’t a meme, we are a decentralized force driven by what is hands down the best community in the world.

I salute you and will hold your drink if you need to laugh at these plebs that incorrectly believe this is a pump and dump.


That being said, today we solidify our long term intention with the introduction of the Shiboshis Social Club! WOOF! But before we get into our new Social Club, lets recap about Shiboshis!


SHIBOSHIS are a collection of 10,000 exclusive Shiba Inu generated Non Fungible Tokens (NFTS) that was released on October 14th eternally written on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Shiboshis crushed the Ethereum blockchain, sending gas sky high during the release but completely sold out in 34 minutes! Since, over 3400 Eth have been traded for the collection and a few Shiboshis have even gone for upwards of 50 Eth! Here’s a photo for the first 24 hours of trading:

Very busy first day!


After release, we immediately set out to create a unique game that will bring the Shiboshis to life. These amazing Shiboshis, come with various traits that make each unique and collectible. For instance you can find Shiboshis that have traits like Laser Eyes, or Party Hat, and some even have no special traits except for Meme Shades! (Deal with it!) The Shiboshi Game will allow Shiboshi holders the ability to use their NFTs in strategic gameplay. (No details just yet as the game is still in development.)

I’m hoping to fully lock in our AAA studio and present our full game plan (no pun intended) to them for approval. I’ve spent a healthy amount of time playing various games to develop the mechanics and worked with some of the smartest people I know on a concept that has massive upward potential. So far we’ve addressed the core loop, crypto involvement and scalability. But to make sure Shiboshi owners get the most -up-to-date information possible about Shiboshis, the Shiboshis Social Club was born.

Shiboshis Social Club Exclusive Perks and Access

Welcome to the club!

We love our community! You, ShibArmy, have made Shib arguably the most successful crypto of this year while making history in the cryptospace. Soon at ShibaSwap, you’ll be able to purchase Shiboshis, trade them without fees (meanwhile from OpenSea website: “2.5% of each sale will go to OpenSea.”), rename your Shiboshis (while burning a small amount of Shib) and finally construct your Shiboshi set. Best of all, by joining the Shiboshis Social Club you get even more benefits:

🏞 Access our exclusive Private Club for SHIBOSHIS Owners.

🌅 Direct communication to the Development team, Breed Alphas, and Team members of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

🌄 Privileged information and news regarding any update and upcoming NFT/Gaming releases.

🌠 Additional benefits within roadmap activations and timelines.

🎇 And much, more….

So come on in, join, and share. We can’t wait to show you what we are working on, and a true glimpse into the world of SHIBOSHIS! If you weren’t able to mint a Shiboshi, don’t worry, you can get one right now at Opensea or Rarible and soon in our market. Once you have a Shiboshi we can’t wait to see you in the Shiboshis Social Club!

Join the Shiboshis Social Club for Shiboshi owners only at shiboshis.shibaswap.com


“It is easy to surpass a predecessor, but difficult to avoid being surpassed by a successor.”
Eiji Yoshikawa, Musashi